Sunday, October 14, 2012

This Wonderful Dog is at HCAS- PLEASE HELP!

What a pretty girl!

Hello fellow Tampanians. We have a dog situation! My husband found this dog running around his farm in Thonotosassa yesterday; which is, sadly, far from a unique situation. This is the second dog he’s found out there in less than a week.
She was just itchin' for some lovin".

As you can see, she is a pretty brindle mixed breed dog (she is listed as a hound mix but really she could be anything), about 45 pounds and probably 2 years old(ish). She is also obviously unspayed. Although she had a collar she had no tags and is not microchipped so there is no way to locate an owner.  
She was very relaxed in the truck, too. 

Because of our current “situation” (read the previous post if you don’t know what I’m referring to),we are unable to house her and leaving her at the farm was a bad idea. We were also unsuccessful in finding a temporary place for her to go so she is currently at Hillsborough County Animal Services on Falkenburg Road. Her ID# is 1485907.
She is this big.

She is a very calm, gentle dog who would do well in just about any home, so I am asking those of you in the rescue community or those of you with a big heart to consider bringing her home. SHE MUST BE REDEEMED BY THIS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18th. We are happy to help with transportation, vetting, etc. We just want her to find a nice home.  
Thank you! 

Our sweet little stray at the shelter. Volunteer Kathy has been kind enough to take her under her wing. Thank you for all you do, Kathy!

They have named her Brianna. She is a little stressed out but hanging in there. Keep your fingers crossed for Brianna!

Update: Wednesday, October 17th- Brianna has had NO interest and her final day at the shelter is TOMORROW. This is her Pet Harbor picture. She looks a little more relaxed but the chain link is so depressing. I just keep hoping someone will come forward to give this sweet girl a home.  

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