Friday, September 28, 2012

A Personal Plea

Hi all,
Sorry to post this out of the blue but I am in need of assistance. Our family is applying to become licensed foster parents and have hit a snag in the process; our licensing agency is wary of “Pit Bull” type dogs of which, as most of you know,  we have two (mixes, that is). I have been told that they will take all the references I can gather regarding my dogs so here I am, asking that you write a testimonial for me.

They are specifically interested in confirming that Maisy and Willa are well behaved and good with children. So it is especially important to get statements from those of you who attended the Pack Walks, particularly with young children or had other child-related exchanges with my dogs. Anecdotes about my dogs interacting with kids are essential to licensure.

Please e-mail all testimonials in Word or JPEG format to me at To further complicate things, I was just informed that I must submit all paperwork no later than Friday, October 5th, so there is a strict time limit here too.
Please try to incorporate the following into the letter:

1.       Address “To Whom it May Concern”

2.       You have known me and my dogs for X years.

3.       List my dogs by name (Maisy and Willa).

4.       Leah knows how to handle a dog.

5.       Leah’s dogs are well behaved.

6.       This is what I have seen…

7.       Include your contact information.
Anything else that you think might be helpful would be greatly appreciated. Needless to say, it is exceedingly important that the tone of the letter be kept positive and polite.

It is important that I mention that these letters are 100% confidential. NO information in any letter may be made public. However, someone may contact you to verify the authenticity of your letter (I can virtually guarantee they won’t).

Thank you in advance for helping us out. Please contact me if you have any questions.  
Leah Bauer Booker and Family
P.S. Here's a video of our adorable daughter just after she finished "dressing" Maisy. Maisy is a little camera shy, but very patient with Harper. Enjoy!