Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Upcoming Attaboy Dog and Child Safety Seminar!


Mark your calendars! As part of their series on child safety, Attaboy will be holding a Dog Behavior Seminar at the Children's Board of Hillsborough County in Ybor on Saturday, July 26th at 10:00 am. Topics covered will include:

How to teach your child to interact with dogs

Introducing a new dog into your home

Introducing your dog to your new baby. 

This is a FREE event so preregistration is encouraged. Call Melissa Asencio at the Children's Board to reserve a spot. (813) 229-2884. 

*This is an event for adults. As much as we love them, please no dogs or kids this time.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Brianna is a Dogma Dog!

Hanging out with the Pack.

Well, Brianna’s adoption campaign is in full swing and Brianna is officially a Dogma dog! This means that, although we will continue to foster her, Brianna’s adoption will be coordinated through Dogma Pet Rescue. This way Brianna will get a lot more exposure and potentially fond her forever home more quickly than if we had to scout for homes on our own. We are so happy Dogma agreed to take Brianna on board! You can read more about Brianna and Dogma here:
In the meantime, Brianna is just enjoying her time here as part of our family. She and our own dogs, Maisy Joonbug and Willa, have formed a close bond. Maisy, our matriarch, has been patiently teaching Brianna the ropes but takes the time to play like an adolescent with her, too, when the mood strikes. And Willa is just in love with Brianna! (Which was a bit unnerving for Brianna at first.) Usually Willa is a little reserved around new dogs until they have a chance to get to know each other, but with Brianna it was love at first sight. I truly have never seen her adore another dog as much as she does that silly hound dog. The three of them are such an impressive pack when they all go for their walk together; we always get double takes and compliments on the street! (Probably because it's not everyday one sees an obviously pregnant woman in perfect control of three big, powerful dogs.) 
And Brianna, who was not sure about toddler energy at first, has gotten very comfortable with our daughter, Harper. It is so cute to watch Brianna patiently take commands from and gently interact with a two year old who is nearly half her weight. Good girl, Brianna!

Enjoying the Sunday night barbeque.

Harper and her friend, Brianna.
Brianna has come such a long way since she showed up on the farm five months ago. She was so unsure of things at first and didn’t know about being part of a pack or how to live in a home with a family. But with a regular routine, gentle leadership and daily exercise she has really blossomed into a happy, healthy, wonderful dog. We will continue to update you on Brianna’s story as it unfolds, because we know the best for her is yet to come!
Stay tuned!  

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Brianna Is Ready For a Home!!!

It’s time for a Brianna update!
Look at that face! Don't you just want to take her home?

After two excruciatingly long cage-bound months during her heartworm treatments, Dr. Layton has given Brianna the all’s clear so she is officially available for adoption!!! Dogma Pet Rescue has generously offered to take Brianna on board, meaning that, although we will continue to foster her, her eventual adoption will be coordinated through them.  Dogma is a great rescue and we are so glad to be working with them… this is a stroke of luck for Brianna! You can read more about Dogma here:
Here is Brianna’s bio, for those of you interested in adding a new dog to your pack, or for those of you who just want to help by passing her info along (I will provide a link to her bio on the Dogma site once it is posted):
Sweet, gentle Brianna is a 2-year old Hound/German Shepherd mix who was found on a farm in rural Tampa. After her owners didn’t redeem her from Animal Services and no one came forward to adopt her she went home as a foster dog with the family who initially found her. Brianna was treated for heartworms but is feeling much better now and the vet has deemed her ready for adoption! Brianna is a GREAT dog; she is very compliant and gentle, walks GREAT on leash, has good house manners, is the most housebroken dog we have ever seen, has never been destructive in any way, is not a barker and is good with both dogs and kids (she currently lives with two dogs and a toddler). She would flourish in a home that has a regular routine with patient owners who can teach her about city living and provide her with a one hour walk every day. Brianna weighs about 50 lbs., is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and is on heartworm and flea preventative. Please email sloattaboy@yahoo.com with any questions about Brianna or visit the Dogma website to download an application to adopt Brianna at www.dogmarescue.org/applications.
And, for those of you who would like to meet Brianna in person, she will be at the Dogma Adopt-a-Pet held at the PetSmart  located in the Target Shopping Plaza at 1540 N. Dale Mabry Highway (near the intersection of 275 and Dale Mabry) TOMORROW, Sunday March 10th, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Come on by to say hi or talk dog behavior! We’ll be there all day.
Special thanks to everyone who helped out with Brianna’s rehab including Hillsborough County Animal Services (and especially their volunteers) for taking good care of Brianna while she was there, The Humane Society of Tampa Bay for providing her low-cost heartworm treatments and inviting us to the HOWLiday Block PAWty so we could raise the balance due on her treatments, Ona Weisenbach of Doggone Good Goodies for donating her time and fantastic dog treats to our fundraiser, Wag Pet Boutique on Davis Island for hosting our very successful fundraiser and donating a bath to (one very stinky) Brianna after she got off cage rest, Dr. Layton and Timberlane Pet Hospital in Plant City for continuing to provide excellent care to Brianna and all the little things they do on behalf of the animals, everyone who donated towards her health care fund, and, of course, Dogma Pet Rescue for taking Brianna on. Thank you so much!!!  

Friday, November 23, 2012

HSTB's HOWLiday Block PAWty Fundraiser

Brianna, our favorite holiday dog.

Happy Holidays! I hope every one of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with loved ones (both the two and four legged variety).
With Thanksgiving behind us it’s time to start thinking about Brianna’s heartworm treatments fundraiser again. As you probably know by now, everyone’s favorite foster dog is scheduled to begin her treatments in mid-December at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

I'd say I feel silly in this getup, but I feel silly most of the time.

Our October fundraiser at Wag Pet Boutique on Davis Island was a huge success (thank you again, Wag!). Our Mini-Behavior Consults brought in enough money to cover all of Brianna’s existing medical expenses to date, plus enough to have a little extra left over for whatever additional veterinary costs will inevitably arise and we have a good start on the fund for her heartworm treatments as well. To those of you who have donated to the Brianna Fund thus far, we cannot thank you enough!

Santa's reindeer have got nothing on me! I am one cool holiday dog. 
In fact, the Mini-Behavior Consults were such a success (we actually had people waiting for consults at the end of the day so that I had to finish meeting with people outside on the sidewalk after Wag closed) that I approached the Humane Society of Tampa Bay about doing a second fundraiser there. But the Humane Society had a better idea… they offered to let us have our own booth at their annual HOWLiday Block PAWty to be held on Thursday, December 20th in Hyde Park Village from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm. So mark your calendars!

Come get a Mini-Behavior Consult at Brianna's Fundraiser at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay's annual HOWLiday Block PAWty on Thursday, December 20th from 6:00-9:00 pm at
1602 Snow Avenue in Hyde Park Village, Tampa (look for our booth somewhere between the Williams Sonoma and the Pottery Barn Kids). Doggone Good Goodies will be at our booth too, with some of their organic, all-natural and grain-free dog treats.  
More here: http://humanesocietytampa.org/event/howliday-block-pawty/

For those of you who cannot attend the HOWLiday Block PAWty but would like to contribute to the Brianna Fund,  you can make a donation by credit card by contacting Krystle Jimenez, Medical Operations Assistant at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay at (813) 252-2027. Or you can mail a check to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay Attn: Krystle Jimenez, 3809 N. Armenia Ave., Tampa, FL 33607. Please make checks payable to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Be sure to note payment is to be applied to the Brianna Fund C/O Leah Booker.

Won't you come to my fundraiser... pretty please?
Because donations for this fund are made directly to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay they are 100% tax deductible.
Any donations we receive above and beyond the balance owed for Brianna’s existing heartworm treatments will be set aside for other dogs in need of heartworm treatments.

Thank you so much for your generosity this holiday season and we look forward to seeing you on December 20th 

Happy Holidays, from our pack to yours!

P.S. Huge thanks to Ashlie Burke for the beautiful holiday photos of Brianna!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Brianna Starts Heartworm Treatment at the Humane Society!

Brianna is going to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay on Tuesday, November 13th for an initial heartworm consult and to review her heart radiographs (x-rays). If all goes as planned she’ll be on antibiotics for a month to prepare her for her heartworms treatments, which will begin mid-December.

You can help with the cost of Brainna's treatments! The Humane Society of Tampa Bay has been kind enough to set up a donation fund for Brianna. The goal is to raise the full $325 needed for her treatments.

Your donations to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay help homeless
animals like Brianna get the treatments they need so
they can find forever families. Thank you!

To make a donation by credit card towards this fund please contact Alicia Chesney, Medical Operations Assistant at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay at (813) 252-2027 or mail a check to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay Attn: Alicia Chesney, 3809 N. Armenia Ave., Tampa, FL 33607.

Please make checks payable to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Be sure to note payment is to be applied to the Brianna Fund C/O Leah Booker. Because donations for this fund are made directly to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay they are 100% tax deductible (although Alicia asks that you please be patient with her as she mails your receipts!).
Thank you and we'll keep you updated on Brianna's progress!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dog Back Pack Basics

A tired dog is a well-behaved dog. 
Karen from San Luis Obispo, California asks: “Mind refreshing my memory on your recommendations for dog backpacks? Brand, weight, minimum age..? Thanks!”
Great question Karen! Dog back packs are an excellent way to make your dog feel like he has a job. As an added bonus when your dog is walking with a pack on he gets twice the workout! I use them almost every day to drain my dogs' energy. 

Give your dog a job and you'll have one happy pooch!

I like the Ruff Wear Approach pack best. Admittedly, it is pricey but it is also durable, simple to use and fits extremely well. Although if you do decide on a Ruff Wear pack beware the sizing; they run VERY large (my 55 lb. Pit Bulls wear a small). There are other good brands out there, too. Outward Hound makes a good pack, I just prefer the Ruff Wear fit.
Wag at 304 E. Davis Boulevard on Davis Island in Tampa.

Tails at 745 Higuera Street in downtown San Luis Obispo.
Tails in downtown San Luis Obispo will size your dog for free in you are in that neck of the woods- as will Wag on Davis Island for all you Tampanians. Both Wag and Tails carry the Approach Pack by Ruff Wear.
If you aren't in the San Luis Obispo or Tampa areas you can order an Approach Pack here:
Weight recommendation follow:
Dogs over 2 years of age with no underlying medical conditions can start at 10% of their total body weight in sand bags or a like material that will fit to conform to the body without sloshing back and forth (to minimize stress to the joints) and can be conditioned to wear up to 20% of their total body weight for daily use (once they're used to the pack). Additionally, they can wear up to 40% of their total body weight for a short day trip.
Now that's a pack, Cookie Monster!
Dogs between 1-2 years of age with no underlying medical conditions can wear up to 10% of their total body weight in sand bags or a like material that will fit to conform to the body without sloshing back and forth (to minimize stress to the joints) but more weight is not recommended.
Consult a veterinarian before putting weight on dogs under 1 year of age (although an empty pack is always fine).
Thanks for the question, Karen!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mini Behavior Consults at Wag THIS SUNDAY

Every dog is a good dog. 

Hi all you Brianna fans! Time for an update.
Brianna was seen at Timberlane Pet Hospital in Plant City this past on Tuesday, October 23rd for an initial exam, X-rays of her heart, additional parasite screening, some bloodwork and medication. Though she qualifies for the special heartworm treatment program at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, none of the services listed above were included in her treatment plan, so it was exceedingly important that we get this done. Her bill from Timberlane is $154.98. Timberlane has been kind enough to allow us to pay her bill next week but it must be paid in full before Halloween. I cannot stress enough how desperately we need your help with this; if we can get only 16 people to donate $10 each these services will be completely covered!

Brianna, stressed out in her dog run at Hillsborough County Animal Services. 

Brianna’s X-rays showed some irregularities of her lungs but nothing atypical of a heartworm positive dog. We will not know until her treatments are completed what this will mean long-term. Also, she has now developed kennel cough so her treatment at the Humane Society has been delayed. Her first exam at the Humane Society won’t be until November 13th. In the meantime, she is on restricted exercise (in her cozy crate with an orthopedic dog bed and lots of dog cookies).

How can you help? Come to our fundraiser!

When: This Sunday, October 28th

Time: from 11:00am-3:00pm

Where: Wag Pet Boutique on Davis Island

Address: 304 East Davis Blvd., Tampa, FL 33606

What: Wag will host Attaboy Dog Obedience and Behavior as we offer Private Mini Dog Behavior Consultations

Cost: A paltry suggested donation of $20!

Please come to my fundraiser on Sunday!

Wait... I have HEARTWORMS? What are those?
Every single penny of the proceeds will go towards the Brianna Fund to pay for Brianna’s medical treatments.
Wag on Davis Island will host Brianna's fundraiser this Sunday,
October 28th from 11am-3pm. Come on by and say hello!
If you cannot attend the fundraiser but would like to make a donation by credit card towards Brianna’s medical needs please contact Timberlane at (813) 754-7387 or mail a check to Timberlane Pet Hospital and Resort, 1704 Walden Village Court, Plant City, FL 33566.

Please make checks payable to Timberlane Pet Hospital. Be sure to note payment is to be applied to the Brianna Fund C/O Leah Booker. Unfortunately, this donation is not tax deductible, but it will make a world of difference for Brianna.

Brianna, enjoying a relaxing Saturday with her foster family.
Please keep in mind that Brianna’s heartworm treatments scheduled to begin at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay will cost an additional $325.00, but those costs are not due now. There will be fundraising for those treatments at a later date.

We hope to see you this Sunday at the fundraiser, and we’ll keep you posted about Brianna’s condition as we get more information.

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