Sunday, March 17, 2013

Brianna is a Dogma Dog!

Hanging out with the Pack.

Well, Brianna’s adoption campaign is in full swing and Brianna is officially a Dogma dog! This means that, although we will continue to foster her, Brianna’s adoption will be coordinated through Dogma Pet Rescue. This way Brianna will get a lot more exposure and potentially fond her forever home more quickly than if we had to scout for homes on our own. We are so happy Dogma agreed to take Brianna on board! You can read more about Brianna and Dogma here:
In the meantime, Brianna is just enjoying her time here as part of our family. She and our own dogs, Maisy Joonbug and Willa, have formed a close bond. Maisy, our matriarch, has been patiently teaching Brianna the ropes but takes the time to play like an adolescent with her, too, when the mood strikes. And Willa is just in love with Brianna! (Which was a bit unnerving for Brianna at first.) Usually Willa is a little reserved around new dogs until they have a chance to get to know each other, but with Brianna it was love at first sight. I truly have never seen her adore another dog as much as she does that silly hound dog. The three of them are such an impressive pack when they all go for their walk together; we always get double takes and compliments on the street! (Probably because it's not everyday one sees an obviously pregnant woman in perfect control of three big, powerful dogs.) 
And Brianna, who was not sure about toddler energy at first, has gotten very comfortable with our daughter, Harper. It is so cute to watch Brianna patiently take commands from and gently interact with a two year old who is nearly half her weight. Good girl, Brianna!

Enjoying the Sunday night barbeque.

Harper and her friend, Brianna.
Brianna has come such a long way since she showed up on the farm five months ago. She was so unsure of things at first and didn’t know about being part of a pack or how to live in a home with a family. But with a regular routine, gentle leadership and daily exercise she has really blossomed into a happy, healthy, wonderful dog. We will continue to update you on Brianna’s story as it unfolds, because we know the best for her is yet to come!
Stay tuned!  

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